Scheme of Work and Session Planning

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DTLLS: Task 2: Scheme of work and session planning
The assignment requires me to explain why scheme of work and session plans are appropriate to the learners and their qualification. As a tutor teaching BTEC Business studies at Stoke on Trent College, my duty is to ensure that I meet the needs of all learners and that they progress with the course well. To achieve this, a scheme of work is drawn for 12 weeks and that will help me to convey lesion plan for each topic on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Scheme of work is used as a guideline to define the structure and content of the course. It also map out how resources like books, equipment, activities and assessments will be used to ensure the learning aim and objective of the course are met successfully. In other ways scheme of work and session planning includes the content of the course, objects or learning outcomes, delivering methods, assignments and resources to be relied on throughout twelve weeks learning process. Scheme of work is important because it he teachers to ensure that they meet the learning outcome of syllabus or programme. In addition to that scheme of work help teachers with session planning, structuring of course and also to inform learners of the stage of learning among others. Therefore, as a BTEC teacher scheme of work and session plan play a very significant role in conveying the BTEC Business studies diploma to students. The scheme of work enables me to breakdown the whole course syllabus into small learning chunks of learning (lesson plan) which might include activities, discussion and teaching as well as assessing students at each stage of learning to measure their progress. Furthermore, scheme of work and session plan is enables me tutor to design the kind of resources to meet the learning outcome of the BTEC diploma in Business Studies. The case of Jamil and Fiona, who decided that instead of remaining in main stream curriculum they though it was worth joining a local...
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