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Scheme of work with theories of learning

A scheme of work is, as defined by Ian Reece and Stephen Walker (Teaching, Training and Learning, a practical guide Page 240) “a series of planned learning experiences, sequenced to achieve the course aims in the most effective way”. It may include subject content, teaching strategies, student activities, assessments, evaluations and resources. But Reece goes on to explain that and scheme of work is complex and may be influenced by external sources such as Students behaviour or resources that are available. This is all too apparent within my own specialism in Health and Safety; my scheme of work must be flexible as this course is taught over a relatively short period of time to a large number of students (up to 7000 in a year) all with different abilities and different job titles. It is key that the subject matter is taught on the same level to all abilities as all have a responsibility toward health and safety . Regardless of job title all have to acknowledge the importance of the core material and be able to act upon it within their own role. Be it a manager who has to ensure safety of all their staff or the individual who has to act in the safest possible way to protect themselves and others. My scheme of work has to work for the large variety of students who attend so it must be precise within the eyes of the law but also give the knowledge and practical application of health and safety. Looking at the different theories of learning it is possible to see which theories of learning have a place within my session.

My scheme of learning is spread across six or seven weeks and breaks down health and safety into key areas for learning which are important throughout the national health service (NHS), which staff must be able to act upon and use within their own department where ever they may be based. One theory of learning which works well in my experience is the cognitivist theory or “constructivism”. This theory...
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