Scenes from Late Paradise: Stupidity

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Scenes from Late Paradise: Stupidity
At the San Jose Museum of Art in northern California people from all over the Bay area can come and view hundred of beautiful artwork. The San Jose museum of Art is made up of seven galleries. At the entrance of the museum there is an arcade and the admissions booth. The first floor has one very large gallery, which is called the North gallery. On the first floor you will find the Education center, restrooms, the museums store and the museum café. Also you will find a smaller room that consists of a variety of sculptures. Visitors have the option of taking the stairs or the elevator to the second floor, where you will find five smaller galleries. Outside of the museum is a very large courtyard with palm trees. After talking to one of the representative I found out you can rent the museum and the courtyard for events such as weddings, business parties or any sort of special event. On display for only a few more months is Scenes from Late Paradise, which is made up of a series of paintings. The painting that stood out the most when viewing all of the pieces was one known as Stupidity, 2006-2007 
Oil on linen 
84 × 108 inches. Eris Fischl creates art by taking photographs and then painting the photographs on linen canvases. A great deal of Eric Fichls work places people in very awkward positions or very bored positions. In this particular piece Eric Fischl painted a very out of shape older gentleman walking through the water on a beach, right where the water meets the sand and begins to recede back into the massive ocean. The water is painted a very light shade of turquoise like something you would see on an island in Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The waves are small but painted white as if they are crashing hard onto the beach. In the background there are rocks and what appears to be a ridgeline that reaches as far as the eye can see. Everything up until the ridgeline is very clearly painted until you look up into the sky and it...
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