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CAP 609
Revised January 2011

General InformatIon Booklet



Professional scaffolding training
Simian Skill is the training division of Simian Risk Management Ltd., an occupational Health & Safety consultancy and training provider for the construction industry, specialising in access and work at height. Simian now have a track record of delivering achievers.

Professional training courses
l CISRS Tube and Fitting (Part 1, Part 2 & Advanced) l CISRS 2 day Product Training

Layher, Cuplok, Plettac, Kwikstage, Haki, Peri Up Layher, Cuplok, Plettac, Kwikstage, Haki, Peri Up

l CISRS 5 Day Supervisor Courses l CISRS Scaffolding Inspection (Basic & Advanced) l SMSTS (Site Manager Safety Training Scheme) l SMSTS 2 Day Refresher l SSSTS Site Supervisor l CCNSG 2 Day Passport to Safety l CCNSG 1 day Renewal l EWPA Level 2 l Scaffold Apprentices and

Free trAining

(Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) Guaranteed Apprentices

able Still avail under ain Train to G

l PASMA Mobile Towers & Low Level l System Scaffolding Experts

Full details of all our courses are available from our website

CsCs testing Centre

ty th & Safe CSCS Heal w on site o n Testing - urse co test l Do your touch screen l Do your


P shoP A one sto

Tel: 0845 602 2418 email: Construction Industry Solutions

site sAFetY PLUs

Centre number 7084

Certificate No. 045329

Business Support,Training & Jobs


CAP 609
Revised January 2011

General InformatIon Booklet



CISRS General Information Booklet

Published by: Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS) First published 1978 Revised 1986 Revised 1988 Revised 1993 Revised 1996 (twice) Revised 1997 Revised 2000 Revised 2003 Revised 2007 Revised 2008 Revised 2011 © Copyright CISRS 2011 NOTES CISRS Limited is responsible for the management and administration of Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS). CISRS is grateful for the advice given on the contents of this publication by the NASC, the Access & Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO) and its members. CISRS has made every effort to ensure that the information contained within this publication is accurate. CISRS accept no liability whatsoever in connection with this document or any part thereof. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission in writing from the CISRS. Acknowledgements CISRS would like to thank all those who allowed us to use photographs of them, their equipment or training centre. Simian-Skills Ltd, NCC. Typeset/Printed by: Witherbys Lithoflow Printing, London


Foreword 1. Scope of the Scheme 2. Scaffolding Operative Schemes 2.1 CISRS Scaffolder (Tube and Fittings Route) 2.1.1 Trainee Scaffolder (Tube and Fitting) 2.1.2 Scaffolder (Tube and Fitting) 2.1.3 Advanced Scaffolder (Tube and Fitting) 2.1.4 Youth Training 2.2 CISRS Scaffolder (System Scaffolding Route) 2.2.1 Trainee Scaffolder (System) 2.2.2 Scaffolder (System) 2.3 System Scaffold Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) 2.4 Basic Access System Erector (BASE) 2.5 Scaffolding Labourer Card 3. Scaffolding Management and Supervisory Training 3.1 Scaffolding Supervisor 4. Scaffold Inspection Training 4.1 Basic Scaffold Inspection 4.2 Advanced Scaffold Inspection 5. Vocational Qualification 5.1 Work Based Evidence 5.2 Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) 6. Record Cards 6.1 Applying for a new record card 6.2 CSCS Health & Safety Test and Equivalents 6.3 Card renewals 6.4 Upgrading...
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