Saying No to Bullying in the School System

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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Saying” NO” To Bullying In The School System

Brandi Williams
May, 16, 2011

Saying” No” To Bullying In The U. S School Systems

Abstract: Bullying has always been a part of the school experience, but In recent years everyone is learning that while bullying still exists, it has become more dangerous to our children and taken on different forms. This awareness has led to growing attention and plans to protect U. .S. students from the evolving phenomenon of bullying. Bullying in schools is a much more serious problem than it was in the past. Over a number of years, bulling has gone from just being picked on in the school yard to being cyber-bullied via text messaging, e-mails, and several social internet websites. There are many other types of bullying such as verbal, derogatory comments, name calling, bullying through isolation or social exclusion, bullying through lies and rumors, being taunted or ridiculed by those that feel they are above others, sexual bullying as well as the ever popular physical bullying. All of these forms of bully have caused devastating and traumatizing effects within schools and communities across the Unites States. Bullying within the school systems has now become a nationwide fight that parents, teachers, and even government and city officials are taking very seriously. The stand against bully has become so serious that students that bully others are now being prosecuted, suspended, and expelled depending on the degree of the actions committed. I feel that the structure of the school systems as well as the mass media and other social networks have inadvertently cause separation amongst the students and created social segregation amongst the students within the schools, which in turn has helped to create some of the environments for bullying. An example of this would be drawing attention to, catering or pointing out students that have more money than others. The creation of caste type systems, such as “jocks”,...
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