Say Yes to Life!

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy, Birth control Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: January 2, 2013

RH Bill covers the promotion of contraceptives to prevent early pregnancy and the avoidance of sudden increase of country’s population. It was passed by the congress and still in the process of voting and approval of the senate. The Catholic Church is alarmed with this matter and strongly disagrees because it disobeys the scriptures of God. It thwarts the life of a person, specifically a baby to live. Under the RH Bill is the promotion of contraceptives and other forms of preventing a sudden pregnancy. Condoms are one of the examples of contraceptives. Abortion is a form of preventing pregnancy. It includes killing an unborn child. A disgraceful crime! Why should we have to commit this kind of crime? We must know that life is the greatest blessing that we will ever have. There are lots of alternatives and programs that can be done. Alternatives that is more humane, that killing is not being embraced. The primary reason why this bill does was submitted is because the population of our country is continuously increasing and the early conception of the youth of today’s generation. But the persons behind this bill aren’t aware that this also promotes rather allows premarital sex to teenagers because they support contraceptives. In other words, youths can do sexual intercourse as long as they wear or have contraceptives, and it is a sacrilege to the sacrosanctness of sex. On the other hand, abortion, as we all know is a very immoral act. It is not accepted by the society for it is merciless. It can be compared to murder. However, it is an unborn murder. As the unborn child is killed prior to being born. This is against the Catholic faith. Our country is strongly against Abortion because we are a Catholic country. And being a catholic country, our belief revolves around the church’s teachings.
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