Say No to Crazy Fan

Topics: Morality, Pop music, Celebrity Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Argumentative Writing
Say No to Crazy Fan

Do you have a friend or roommate who is crazy about a pop icon? I have. She would never like to miss any launching ceremony of new album even if she has to skip all day’s classes. She spent most of her allowance buying all products about the pop icon even if she has no money for a decent meal. She can’t concentrate on homework because some people are criticizing her idol on the Internet and she must defend his image for him. This is a typical example of celebrity worship syndrome. It is likely that you may just like my friend suffer from this syndrome which does no good to personal growth. As the result of this syndrome, you may get physically and psychologically hurt and your moral standards may become vague. So what you need to do is getting rid of this syndrome and saying no to crazy fan.

To begin with, being a crazy fan of pop music icons can ruin your health. As you are a crazy fan that means you have to follow your idol everywhere; you have to spend every cent of your allowance proving you are a devoted supporter and you have to collect every piece of news of your idol. Your life quality becomes lower, no healthy meals, not enough sleep and no leisure time. What’s worse, some crazy fans want to resemble their idols in appearance so they turn to plastic surgery. For example, a Superman fan, Herbert Chavez, a 35-year-old Filipino man who had had cosmetic surgery to make him look like Superman. A psychiatrist told Bandila News that Mr. Chavez could be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, meaning that he is obsessed with making cosmetic changes to his body(Daily Mail,2011). It is obvious that the obsession to superman has totally destroyed the man, because plastic surgery absolutely makes irrecoverable and damaging changes to his body. This case may be a little extreme; however, it reminds you that sometimes being a crazy fan, you have to sacrifice your health or face with physical damages.

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