Saving Yourself from the Fangs of Identity Lost

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Man Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Saving Yourself From The Fangs Of Identity Lost

Foredeeming exists everywhere, with foredeeming comes the unjust stereotype.

Have you forget that childhood moment when all of a sudden you are strike with a fist on your nose by that big fat mama’s boy who always look for a trouble and you notice that your snout starts to bleed and with a sentiment of fear you begin to cry, subsequently someone turned up and told you that it is not being a boy to cry? How about that scary moment when you are alone at your bed, and you got it hard to fall asleep. Suddenly a cold wind caresses your thin bones then you notice that you failed to remember to close the window. And as you about to do so, you see this dark figure of a man strangely staring at you on the next windowpane. Afterwards you starts to hear a loud long mournful sound of dogs and with the same sentiment you run to your Dad’s and Mom’s room and you got that wet pants as you run. And as you put the pictures, your Mom and Dad laughed at you and told you so as to you should not nor never feel scared or have fears? How about those moments when you were told that you should not be seen wearing something pink? Should not be seen playing dolls? Or should not be heard screaming like a girl does?

Gender Stereotype

Societies are not at ease with the mere natural difference of sex, hence each insists on affixing it with a cultural difference of gender which is no more a predisposition both to men and even women. With this, for a man it is not already enough to be a male; hence he has to appear masculine.

In countries like Philippines, the ‘clear as bell’ biological differences between men and women are used as an excuse for forcing them to tie into different social roles. A man for example have to be rough and tough. That a man do not feel pain likewise do not show off feelings as these would make him appear vulnerable. That a man should choose a course either of engineers, doctors,...
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