Saving Money

Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: January 2, 2012
How Malaysians save money?

‘I-phones, I-pad, HTC-phones’ are these items seem familiar to you? Well, from the mass media, we get to know that the world is now experiencing economy crisis. In correspond to economy crisis, prices for various items from groceries to clothes, houses to cars or even jewelleries have rises tremendously. Yet, people are still willing to spend large amount of money on the latest gadgets, clothes, new cars and many more items regardless of how much they costs. If we look further in the future, economy crisis can actually leads to problems that give significant impact, not just on individual but also a particular country. Therefore, it is time for people to evaluate themselves on how they spend their money daily and eventually come out with a simple but effective budget planning. This initiative is in line with the Malaysian government’s efforts to cultivate the money-saving habit among nations on how to spend money wisely and systematically.

Basically, there are several ways one can save their money. First, we can start this practice in our daily life at home, school or even office. People must never hesitate to switch off all the electrical appliances when one is away from home. This smart practice not only helps consumers on saving electrical fees but it also aids in lowering the risk of electrical short circuit incidence. In addition, instead of cooking daily, people can try to cook up a big batch of the dishes and freeze them in little serving portions. This eventually helps to save time and costs spending for groceries, electricity or gas.

Furthermore, one can also try to save money by practicing the habit of 3R- Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. One should avoid in throwing away the unwanted, old or spoiled items into the rubbish bins without further considerations. Consequently, this is the time for you to utilise and show your creativeness. Reuse the items by modifying them using your innovative capability and in the end, you...
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