Save Trees

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Markets Initiative – A coalition of environmental organizations working directly with Canadian companies to develop practical and economic ways to shift their wood and paper use away from ancient and endangered forest products to ecologically sound alternatives. Conservatree – American non profit organization dedicated to converting paper markets to EP papers. Reach for Unbleached – Canadian registered charity working for a sustainable pulp and paper industry. ABPBC (Association of Book Publishers of BC) – eco-kit for book publishers online. Magazine Paper Project – American non profit encouraging magazine publishers to switch to recycled paper. ReThink Paper – American non profit – more info, more resources.

Almost half of the trees harvested in North America go to the production of paper

Produced with the assistance of and the BC Gaming Commission For one source of EP office paper, see the Office Paper Buying Club at

Yes! I want to help. Name: ____________________________ Address: __________________________ City: ______________________________ Prov/State: ______ Postal Code: ________ Phone: ____________________________ E-mail: ____________________________ Enclosed is my contribution of

Save Trees - Save Money! A WIN WIN SCENARIO!
Environmentally preferable – EP

The 3 R’s
Before Reusing And Recycling Comes Reducing. Recycling alone does not address the issue of wasteful use. That’s why we need waste prevention. Reducing need by using less is the focus of this brochure. Buying EP paper is the focus of the companion brochure – “Buying EP Paper.” Money saved using paper saving tips in this brochure can easily offset any initial cost differences of purchasing EP paper. Potential organizational benefits of an EP paper policy include favourable public image, employee pride and contentment,...
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