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  • Published: December 30, 2013
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Join United Earth, Create a United Earth Government. Save the Earth with the People, Animals, Environment, Plants, Natural Habitat, Natural Resources, Act against Disasters, Poverty, Cruelty, War, Population Explosion and Establish Justice, the Critical Issues facing the Earth.  

Establish a New World Order, One World Government, United Earth Government, United Earth Court, United Earth Security and Peace Keeping Force, Ratify and Implement Earth Law.  
Assure Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Healthy, Happy life for all the People and Animals and a Healthy Environment on Earth Now and in the Future.  
These critical issues facing the earth are tied to each other. If we do not address these issues and act now, we face chaos leading to Annihilation of this Earth. It is absolutely a must that all the good nonprofit organizations, working on people, animal, and envirnmental issues and concerned deeply about the future of our planet, corporate, be united, create a common organization, become one entity and act jointly.  Being united will make us very Strong, Strong enough to face the mighty forces which are leading us towards a scorched earth. It will pave the way to send a clear message with resolve to the whole earth to be heard loud and clear. It will make a huge impact needed to organize, act and succeed in achieving our goals, addressing some of the critical issues facing us. Our strive for survival, jobs, desire for basic needs and comforts is being exploited by the rulers in Capitalist, Communist and Dictatorship governments, with money trickling down from the top Economies, which gives priority to Oil, Finance, Mining and other Companies, CEOs of these companies and the Wealthiest, at the expense of underprivileged People, the Animals and the Environment. They are more concerned about the current and the next few years under their rule, completely ignoring the disasters and destruction facing us in the near future, if we fail to act...
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