Us Objectives of War on Terror

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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US objectives

  Trans Sahara initiative
  Major military operations (Afghanistan • Pakistan • Iraq • Somalia • Yemen)   Other allies involved in major operations
Major terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda and affiliated groups: 1. Bali bombings 2002 • 2. September 11 attacks 2001 • 3. Madrid bombings 2004 • 4. London bombings 2005 • 5. Mumbai attacks 2008 The George W. Bush administration defined the following objectives in the War on Terror:[38] 1. Defeat terrorists such as Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and destroy their organizations 2. Identify, locate and destroy terrorists along with their organizations 3. Deny sponsorship, support and sanctuary to terrorists 1. End the state sponsorship of terrorism

2. Establish and maintain an international standard of accountability with regard to combating terrorism 3. Strengthen and sustain the international effort to fight terrorism 4. Work with willing and able states

5. Enable weak states
6. Persuade reluctant states
7. Compel unwilling states
8. Interdict and disrupt material support for terrorists 9. Eliminate terrorist sanctuaries and havens
4. Diminish the underlying conditions that terrorists seek to exploit 10. Partner with the international community to strengthen weak states and prevent (re)emergence of terrorism 11. Win the war of ideals

5. Defend US citizens and interests at home and abroad
12. Implement the National Strategy for Homeland Security 13. Attain domain awareness
14. Enhance measures to ensure the integrity, reliability, and availability of critical physical and information-based infrastructures at home and abroad 15. Integrate measures to protect US citizens abroad

16. Ensure an integrated incident management capability
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