Save as Many as You Ruin

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Safe as many as you ruin.
The short story is written by Simon Van Booy and a part of my analysis is focusing on the mood and the use of contrasts in the short story. In the text Gerard is mentioned as the main character, Gerard is the type of person who is afraid to be like anyone else, and he tries to make his life unusual because he does not want to blend in. Gerard is described in the text as handsome and he has slept with lots of women, he has a special relationship with to different women, the one mother to their child, who is 8 years old and called Lucy, and the other women who he had an affair with. He adores both women, but he compares his need to have needs for another woman to the feeling especially men has when they are in a long relationship. Issy was the mother to Lucy and she left because she wanted to fulfil her dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood, but 4 years later she died in a pool committed suicide and she wrote a note with Gerard’s name on it as her next kin. Gerard is an emotional person who wants to treat the persons he loves well and in the text the reader are constantly reminded of her caring to Lucy his daughter. The writer did not intend to show the reader that Gerard is an extraordinary man, because Gerard’s professions or his abilities are not told through the text, but he illustrate Gerard as an normal man who might live an boring life, because even though he wants to be special, the writer did not show what he is good at, otherwise then loving Lucy. The mood in the text could be described as depression because Gerard is always seeking something and it seems like he is missing something in his life, even though he says that Lucy is his live and he only cares about her being happy and satisfied. Lucy is also the one who makes Gerard happy. Gerard was not in love with the mother to his child, he has only been in love once and it could seem like it was in Laurel. “Gerard met Issy a month after he met Laurel. A decade ago,...
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