Saturn Company Case

Topics: Middle class, Social class, Working class Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Company Case 5


1. GM’s marketing strategy is to use different lines of vehicles to reach different segments of the market. Although GM is an American made and built company they realize there is buying power in markets that prefer European engineering. Below is the Segmentation breakdown: a. Geographic:

i. Country Region:- United States
ii. Density: Urban, Semi-urban & rural
b. Demographic :
i. Age: Under 35
ii. Household Income: Under 50,000
iii. Family Size: 1-2
iv. Gender: Male & Female
v. Education: High school graduates, Some College vi. Generation: Baby boomers
c. Psychographic
i. Lifestyle: Strivers, Survivors
ii. Social class: Upper Lower Class, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class iii. Personality: Compulsive, Thrifty.
d. Behavioral
i. Usage: Regular
ii. Loyalty status: Strong
iii. Benefits: Innovation, Fuel Economy, Safety, Economic

2. Saturn is now targeting a very selective market. They are specifically targeting import car buying customers. GM is position Saturn by creating a new brand image while still presenting themselves at the car companies who is invested in it’s employees, community, and customers. They are introduced new models of car spanning from sporty to family style cars and taking on the GM platform that they have stirred away from in the past. This is different from the S-series as there it was the first time they focused on performance, luxury, and product diversity. 3. The social responsibility role for Saturn’s target market is based on Saturn’s innovations, community, customer, and employee involvement. Saturn has focused a lot of energy in being a socially responsible company it’s employees with unprecedented contracts with the UAW to foster progressive work roles,...
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