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Satanism, The Misunderstood Religion

Satanism is an evil cult or religion. For many years, the biggest misunderstanding of Satanism is the belief that Satanism consists of worshiping evil and wrongdoing. This common belief about Satanism is a big misconception. It may be a big shock toward those who truly believe Satanism worship the devil, and those who have not taken the time to truly explore what Satanism is really about. Satanism do not believe in God and their teaching is based on the idea of individualism.

It is believe that Satanism has been worshiped and revered for thousands of years. However, many people are confused on what makes a person a Satanist. They believe anyone who worship in any religions other than their own is a Satanist. The most common believe is that any religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam is considered Satanism. Other religions such as Santeria, Wicca, New Age, Druidism, and other neopagans religions are also mistaken for Satanism.

Many people to this day, especially conservative Christians, view Satanism as a threat to our peaceful culture. Their fear of Satanism are based on Gothic Satanism, which made its first appearance during the Middle Ages. According to Church leaders of the time, Satanists were evil incarnate: They sold their souls to the devil, killed children in ritual ceremonies, changed shapes between animals and humans, flew on broomsticks, conducted Black Masses, and performed black magic to harm others. Some people believe that Satanists continue to practice many of these evil deeds, especially human sacrifice and ritual abuse.

There are three different types of Satanism. While there are similarities in all the three groups, each group have their own differences. The first group is Theistic Satanism, also known as Spiritual Satanism. Theistic Satanism acknowledge the existence of Satan. They believe Satan is a deity in which they must worship him.

Luciferianism is often mistaken as another branch of Satanism. However, they see themselves as an entirely different religion from Satanism. Luciferians worship in Lucifer and view Lucifer as a spiritual and enlightened being. They do not believe in violence or amoral practices. Another belief Luciferians believe in is to stop worrying about what comes the next day and should try to live your days to the most of it you can.

The last type of Satanism is known as LaVeyan Satanism. La Veyan Satanism is the best well-known and public Satanic religion practice. It was created by Anton La Vey during the 1960 and he also founded The Church of Satan. He also created the Satanic bible, which is the available text of the Satanic Religion. LaVeyan Satanism is considered as an atheistic religion in which they do not believe God nor Satan is real. Instead, Satan is considered as a symbolism embraced by Satanist. The only God in who they worship is the Satanist themselves.

Before Satanism became recognized as a religion, Satanist worshippers were unorganized and scattered around. Many of the believers were loners and very private when practicing Satanism. With Christians and other religious groups condemn Satanism as an evil cult, it made practicing Satanism openly difficult. The first formed church for Satanism was The Church of Satan, which was formed by Anton La Vey on April 30, 1966, Walpurgis Night. This was a very important date for Satanism, they believe this is a night when witched and demons roam on Earth. Walpurgis Night is a traditional spring festival celebrated on April 30 or May 1 in many large parts of Central and Northern Europe. It is also known to be six months away from All Hallow’s Eve. On this day, it is associated with witches and sorcerers.

Forming the church sparked life in the movement of Satanism. On the day The Church of Satan was found, La Vey then shaved his head and encouraged many of his followers to do the same. La Vey shaved his head for...
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