Sara Lee Business Portfolio Case

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Trademark Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Kendall Boone
Case 16

2)After carefully browsing through Sara Lee’s business portfolio, there were multiple options for different industries that were attractive. The industries that stood out as the best opportunities were the retail industry, the food-service industry, and the beverage industries. All of these would be viable options for Sara Lee Corp to pursue. One thing that Sara Lee has on their side is the fact that they have already created a brand image in North America that represents quality products and services. Although Sara Lee is known for their high end products, they are also known for carrying a high price to go along with it. The food-service industry is likely to remain stable for Sara Lee, since a majority of people would rather buy deli meat and other foods, rather than frozen food brands and eating out at restaurants. Another industry that is attractive for Sara Lee is the international beverage industry, which still shows opportunity for growth. Consumers are moving away from buying their specialty beverages from a local shop, to buying the materials necessary to make their beverages from home. This alone is a major opportunity for Sara Lee Corp, because they can still associate their quality products with their ability to make beverages on an international level. The brand recognition for Sara Lee is strong, targeting value-conscious customers, which gives them a niche market for their products and services. Of these listed, it is our belief that the most attractive industry presented within Sara Lee’s business portfolio is the food service industry. The market still has opportunity for growth and a spot for Sara Lee’s niche.
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