Sanwich Blitz Ethics

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After reviewing these Eight Steps, write a paper in at least 100 words explaining which of these eight steps apply to Jack and the Location Manager in this particular situation and why.
Since the New county health regulations requires trash dumpsters be a minimum of 30 feet from the rear entrance and the county zoning ordinances require all out buildings to be at least six feet from the property lines, the enclosure that houses the trash dumpster would be five feet from the property line. The zoning inspector has told the unit manager that he would be willing to approve this if Sandwich Blitz provides the food for his department's holiday party. Jack and the Location Manager need to consider the following steps towards integrity: doing the right thing, take responsibility, respect others, check the mirror, and define the rules and values.

If Jack and the Location Manager accept the zoning inspector’s proposal to provide food for a holiday party in order to have the trash dumpster enclosure within five feet of the property line, this can cause a conflict with other business owners having similar problems in the area. What if the inspector is replaced by another inspector, this location may have the same issue with the trash dumpster enclosure. Therefore, I believe Jack and the Location Manager need to decline the zoning inspector’s offer and plan another solution. For example, can the trash dumpster enclosure be designed to meet the county zoning?


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