Sand Creek Masacre

Topics: Cheyenne, Wounded Knee Massacre, Lakota people Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Sand creek massacre-

Date November 29, 1864
Location Colorado Territory
Present-day Kiowa County, Colorado
Result United States Army massacres Native Americans.
United States Cheyenne
Commanders and leaders
United States John M. Chivington Black Kettle
700 [1] 60–200
Casualties and losses
24 killed,
52 wounded[2] 70–163 killed[2]
*the aftermath-The Sand Creek Massacre resulted in a heavy loss of life, mostly among Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children. Hardest hit by the massacre were the Wutapai, Black Kettle's band. Perhaps half of the Hevhaitaniu were lost, including the chiefs Yellow Wolf and Big Man. The Oivimana led by War Bonnet, lost about half their number. There were heavy losses to the Hisiometanio (Ridge Men) under White Antelope. Chief One Eye was also killed, along with many of his band. The Suhtai clan and the Heviqxnipahis clan under chief Sand Hill experienced relatively few losses. The Dog Soldiers and the Masikota, who by that time had allied, were not present at Sand Creek.[32] Of about ten lodges of Arapaho under Chief Left Hand, representing about fifty or sixty people, only a handful escaped with their lives.And it was deemed the worst massacre because it killed mostly wemon and children.

Wounded knee- Date December 29, 1890
Location Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota
Result Decisive United States victory
United States Miniconjou Sioux
Hunkpapa Sioux
Commanders and leaders
United States James W. Forsyth Spotted Elk †
7th U.S. Cavalry
four Hotchkiss guns ~350 Sioux, the majority of whom were women and children Casualties and losses
25 killed,
39 wounded (6 fatally) 153 killed,
51 wounded
The after math-Following a three-day blizzard, the military hired civilians to bury the dead Lakota. The burial party found the deceased frozen; they were gathered up and placed in a common grave on a hill overlooking the encampment from which some of...
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