Samsung in China

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SAMSUNG in China

Samsung’s slogan in China-To be the favorite enterprise of China and be the enterprise contribute to the social development

Adjust one: In the current financial risk, Samsung was suffered a serious impact; many corporations in China begin to fire people. But the different is that Samsung has a new way to pass the financial risk. Samsung corporation in Weihai, Shandong province is an example, the manager said that as a company, we also face some problems of reducing production and employees, but we know that people in China focus on emotion, they really care about what others do in face of risk, if you just fire them, people begin to hate the corporation very much. It will go against our corporation strategy. So they reduce the work time to 4 days a week. Even though this will bring the corporation some cost, the manager said that they believe they need to train a green hand one year and a half to be a mature worker. So depending in the self development of the corporation, they will not reduce people casually. But in South Korea, Samsung really reduces its employees when facing the financial risk. When facing with problem, such as the net profit reduced 44 percent and the cell phone gross profit reduce below 10 percent, in order to establish a good image in front of Chinese people, some of its corporations even begin to recruit new employees in China, so people in China have a good image about the Samsung.

Samsung really adopt some new ways to recruit new employees in China, they pay emphasis on adopting experts and talents in China. They believe in a group of the level of world-class technology with the "quasi-genius" level talent, and a large number of enterprise leaders, technical experts and professional managers can support the company’s development in China. Considering that China has a comparative large group of HR, the company only focus on the most outstanding persons. They deny many comparative good people for the simple reason that they are not so good. This practice differs from some other corporations, who only focus on Chinese cheap labor resources.

Samsung has some different ideas of what is good and what is bad. Many foreign corporations like to adopt Chinese who are really talkative, have good academic score and have the ability to efficiently organize the corporation, In its home country, Samsung also focus on this, But in China, people are somewhat shy and lack of the communication skills and organization ability. Samsung begin to focus on other side. A suitable employee is expected to become experts in specific fields in China. Some shy people always has the advantages that they are really more patience and deeply love their careers and has the faith to overcome all the difficulties. They believe people who have strong interest in a particular area or a unique field may be valuable resources of the corporation in the long-run. Samsung believes that in the process of looking for talent, you can not undervalue those different people. Many of the talents are anti-conventional and are not easy going. Enterprises need to do is learn how to work with them, how to make the necessary concessions to develop their potential. We must give them the opportunity to play and we must not use power to erase their talents.

China have so many people, some of them are really strange in the eyes of foreigners. So instead of just recruiting people in university in its home country, Samsung recruits some big players in China, most of them do not receive formal university education, their primary jobs were making programs for fun or compositing and selling second hand computers in their own family company. These kinds of people are definitely creative and do not follow some routings. And these people’s computer skills are superior and they are independent and staunch. They can solve problems individually and the most important thing is...
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