Sample Wedding Reception Script

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Host A: Yodi
Host B: Atty. Rhesa

A: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please.

B: We are about to begin our Dinner Reception so please find a seat and make yourself comfortable.

A: Let us begin this celebration with a prayer. Let us all stand, bow down our heads and put ourselves in the presence of God.

B: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

1. Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Love has been your richest and greatest gift to this world. Love between a man and a woman which matures into marriage. Today, we celebrate that love.
Lord for the joy of this occasion, we thank You.
For Your presence here and now and at all times, we thank You. Protect, guide, and bless Rannie and Wincell and everyone present here. Surround us with Your love now and always.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


2. Welcome Address

A: A very good evening to everyone and welcome to Rannie and Wincell’s Dinner Reception. We are done with the solemn part of the celebration and we thank those people who were with us earlier at the Nuestra Señora de Guia Church for the wedding ceremony.

B: And for those who just join in, Welcome! And so, here we are on this lovely reception at the Rosas Garden Hotel for the most exciting part - the Dinner Reception for our newlyweds in celebration of the beginning of their new life together.

A: So sit down, relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

I am Mr. Yodi Insigne and my partner Ms. Rhesa Regio, the newly wed’s friends had been given the task by the bride herself to be your emcee for tonight. We thank you all for gracing this joyful occasion especially to those who took a leave of absence from work or from school and to those who have traveled from the province just to be with us.

B: In behalf of Rannie and Wincell and their parents, we would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for your presence at this memorable occasion. It is indeed a pleasure to have you all tonight

3. Introduction and Acknowledgements

Parents of the Newlyweds

A: Before anything else, we would like to acknowledge the key persons who took a great part of this joyous affair. For without their support, this event would not be made possible. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you the Parents of the Bride, Mr. Winefredo Majaba and Mrs. Aracelie Majaba.

They just arrived from Marinduque we suppose. Sir, Madam, welcome. A big round of applause please.

B: And of course, we are truly happy to have here with us Mrs. Paz Sollano the mother of the Groom. And of course we are sure Mr. Jose Sollano is also very happy watching his son’s wedding in heaven. Friends, let us give them a big hands.

Principal Sponsors

{Provide short background info for each sponsor}

A: We would also like to acknowledge our Principal Sponsors. Let’s start off with the ladies. Please stand as your name is called.

B: Now let’s call our Gentlemen sponsors. Kindly stand as your name is called.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, our most distinguished set of principal sponsors.

A: Thank you for being with us tonight. Let us once again give them a big round of applause.

Family and Friends / Guests

B: A wedding brings two people and their families together. It refreshes the family ties and friendship that have gone stale and almost forgotten against the toll of time and distance. For this allow us to give a very special welcome to all who have traveled all the way from the province to be here with us today. Thank you for taking the time out to be with us.

A: Also we would like to thank all the relatives and friends who are here with us. We are so happy that you can be with us.

So I guess that’s about it. On behalf of Rannie and Wincell, we would like to thank you all for coming tonight.

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