Problem Solving and Deductive Reasoning

Topics: Problem solving, Inductive reasoning, Logic Pages: 16 (1691 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Davao Del Norte State College
Laboratory School


Quarter: Fourth quarter Year & Section: III- Libra and Gemini Topic: Deductive Reasoning Date: March 8, 2013 SY: 2012-2013 Time Frame: 10:00-11:00 am and 2:00-3:00 pm Cooperating Teacher: Ms. Cherry Ann Nicolas

Preparatory Activities:
|Teacher’s Activity |Student’s Activity | |Prayer: | | | | | |May I request Ms. /Mr. _________ to please lead the prayer. |In the name of the father, of the son, of the Holy Spirit. Amen. | |Energizer: |For our energizer this morning, let’s sing __________. Everybody sing!| |I am requesting Ms./Mr._____ to lead an energizer. | | | | | |Greetings: |Good morning ____________. | |Good morning class! | | | | | |Classroom Checking: | | |Before you take your seats, kindly pick up pieces of papers and | | |arrange your chairs properly. | | | | | |You may now take your seats. |Thank you ______. | | | | |Checking of Attendance: | | |Where is the class secretary? Is there anyone who is absent today? |None________. Everybody is present. | | | | |Very good! | |

The topic focuses on the geometric application of inductive and deductive reasoning.

I. Content Standard:

The students should be able to explain, discuss, solve and relate the concept of inductive and deductive reasoning by solving a series of mathematical problems and situations, then write and articulate the particulars and conclusion in a given general statement as well as provide brief explanation how does they get the pattern in solving inductive mathematical problems.

II. Performance Standard:

The students are expected to solve and a complete set statements using their previous knowledge about inductive and deductive reasoning...
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