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Preparing for a Job Interview
Following are some things you should keep in mind when preparing for a job interview: •Assuming you have a well-written and honest resume, review it often, especially before an interview. Many questions asked will be generated by the information in your resume. Question yourself about every item on it, and be ready to respond, preferably using anecdotes and concrete examples. Be sure to bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview just in case the interviewer did not receive it or has misplaced it. •Do your homework about each company with whom you interview. Go on the Internet or go to the library and check available reference sources to enable you to ask intelligent questions. By researching a company, you demonstrate that you have a real interest in the position, which can ultimately impress an employer. •Know precisely how to get to the site of the interview, even if it means making a trial run a few days in advance. •Know how long it takes you to get to the interview, and leave enough time to arrive early. Being late for an interview will almost always doom your chances. Candidates who arrive just in time are also generally flustered, which can hurt the interview. Get there early and use the cushion of time to gather your thoughts. •Be certain you know the interviewer's name and find out how to pronounce it if it looks difficult. •Choose the appropriate wardrobe and have it ready ahead of time. Arriving with a button missing or scuffed shoes does not make a good initial impression. There is no substitute for neatness. Dress conservatively, even if the culture of the company with which you're interviewing is informal. Remember you are looking for a job, not going to a party. If appropriate, you can always dress down once you've landed the job. •Leave any negative feelings at home; bring only your positive, upbeat self to the interview. Pledge to be friendly with everyone with whom you come in contact,...
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