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The interview is one of the most important processes when searching for employment. This is the opportunity for a candidate and the company to familiarize with the other party. This is the opportunity for the candidate to highlight his/her talents. It is in the candidate’s best interest to learn the background information about the company, this will help when fielding and asking questions during the interview. Researching and expressing background knowledge of the company shows the enthusiasm the candidate has towards the job. Appearance, dress, and speech remain professional at all times during the interview. Come prepared with extra résumés. In addition, show that you are an active listener. These tips are a great foundation for a candidate to follow to have a successful interview.

This presentation is informative. I chose informative over persuasive because this is a general descriptive interview presentation. It does not highlight or analyze a particular communication field. Its purpose is to identify some general interviewing skills and techniques. Preparing for Interview

A candidate should learn as much about a prospective employer as possible prior to an interview. Websites, public announcements, and newspaper articles will all help in gathering background information about a company. This information will help the candidate create specific and informative questions about the company and the candidate should ask these informed questions during the interview when appropriate. This technique reveals to the interviewer that the candidate is interested and has taken the time to research the company. The candidate should always arrive at lease 15-minutes early for an interview; tardiness is not an option.

Appearance, Dress, and Speech
It is also important for a candidate to remain professional in appearance, actions, and speech. A candidate may discover that a company workforce may function in a casual environment, but proper etiquette still dictates that the candidate come “dressed to impress.” This equates to proper grooming, no overpowering or offensive scents, and minimal jewelry. It is best for a candidate to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Even if it is not the normal attire, a candidate should come to an interview in a business suit. Proper diction and enunciation are a necessity during the interview process. The interviewer must understand what the candidate is communicating. Miscommunication can be very disastrous and may result in the company choosing another candidate. Types of Communication

The types of communication include verbal, written, and nonverbal. Verbal communication allows for immediate feedback between the interviewer and the candidate. There is an exchange and reply that takes place with verbal interactive communication. Written communication reaches many readers through print and is best for conveying information. There is no immediate interaction between individuals with written communication. The candidate must avoid bias language with verbal and written communication. “ Asensitive communicator keeps abreast of linquistic changes and adopts the designations currently preferred by members of various ethnic groups”(Beebe, Beebe, & Ivy, 2009, pg. 83). Both verbal and written communications convey nonverbal messages through tone. Nonverbal communications include body language, facial expressions, posture, and touch. Spacial proximtiy is also an indicator of nonverbal communication. It is important to remember to not invade someone’s personal space. This can be construed as a threatening behavior or an annoyance. If the candidate is not actively listening, indicated by an occasional nod of the head and appropriate spans of eye-contact with the interviewer, this can be interpreted as the candidate having a disinterest in the interview and conversation. Both, oral communication and listening skills are important during an interview, because the candidate wants the...
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