Sample Lesson Plan in Science Iv

Topics: Mixture, Chemical substance, Mix Pages: 3 (431 words) Published: October 11, 2011
I Objectives

1. Describe what happens when solids are mixed with other solids.

2. Identify what mixture is.

II Subject Matter


A.Science Concept:

Mixture contains two or more substances put together. Each substance in a mixture does not change its physical properties. Solids when mixed with other solids, never forms a new substance.

B.References: Science and Health 4 pp. 151-152
Exploring and Protecting Our World 4 pp. 178-179
Refine Learning Competences 2.1
C.Processes: Observing, Describing, Identifying

D.Materials: Activity card #1, pictures
Materials to be used in the activity (refer to activity card)

E.Value Infusion: Taking good care of plants.

III Procedure

A.Preliminary Activities

What is matter? What are the three phases of matter?
2.Checking of Assignments

B.Developmental Activities


a) Show the picture of a cake, halo-halo and fruit salad.
Ask: What is this cake made up of? ( flour, sugar, salt, baking powder) Tell: These dry solids were mixed together before a liquid is added. They are solid powders mixed together.
b) Group activity
Group the class into 4. Give them the activity cards. Let them choose their leader and proceed with the activity.
c) Presentation of the outputs


What materials did you use in your activities?
Can you distinguish the peanuts from the mixture of nuts?
What about the mongo seeds from the bean seeds?
If you will be asked to separate the whole black pepper from the salt, will it be possible? Why? The sand and clay when you mix together with dead plants make up a fertile soil.
Did the materials change their properties when they were put together?


From the activities you had made, what happened to the solids when they were mixed with other solids? Did their properties change?


Help your mother take care of your houseplants. Mix some...
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