Separation of a Mixture of Solids

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During this experiment students will take a mixture and separate it into its’ pure substances. A mixture is a combination of two or more substance. These substances cannot be combined chemically but more physically. The pure substances are substances that cannot be separated any more by physical means. The students will learn the difference of these two meanings during the experiment. The pure substance will be separated by something called their physical means. The physical means are the boiling point and solubility that each substance contains. Substances can vary in boiling point and solubility, which makes it possible for the students to separate each substance to their pure state. By changing the state of matter from solid to liquid and vies versus during the experiment the student will be able to see the physically means of each substance. During the experiment the student will use varies techniques and materials to separate the substances. The students will use a scale to measure the mass in grams of the substance and subtract the original total to the new total each time to obtain the net mass of the substance. The students will separate the substances by using a filter paper, a beaker with a burner and most importantly time for evaporation of water.

The students will be familiar with different mixtures of solids and how to separate them using specific techniques based on which substance they are trying to separate out of the batch of solids. Procedure:

To start off, the students will have to set up a data table for the lab report containing the names of the substances they will be measuring and the percent of each substance in the mixture. The students will begin by measuring the weighing dish. After they record the weight in grams the...
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