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Mary Smith Investigation Plan
Crystal Blevins
Kaplan University

Mary Smith Investigation Plan
Mary Smith is a 71- year-old widow that was involved in an auto accident on the date of October 3, 1995. The other individual involved in the accident was Paul Joseph. The accident occurred in Trumbull, Connecticut at the intersections of Reservoir Avenue and MaeFair Court. Joseph Smith was cited by police for the accident. Mary Smith has four children and is retired from being a schoolteacher but still works four mornings a week at the local children’s hospital.

Mary Smith has a prior injury that consisted of bone spurs in her feet. The bone spurs caused her hip and back pain. She wears orthotics on a daily basis. She has had surgery on both feet approximately two years before the auto accident. The surgery did not alleviate the problem. Mary Smith also has hypertension that she does take medication. Other than, the bone spurs and hypertension, Mary Smith was in great health. She attended water aerobics three times a week and bingo twice a week.

Mary Smith was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center via ambulance after the auto accident. At the hospital, a surgeon and cardiologist were consulted and Mary Smith was x-rayed over numerous parts of her body. She was treated for cardiac contusion and a comminuted fracture of her os calcis and Achilles tendon. Nine days later, Mary Smith underwent surgery and catheterization to repair her broken ankle and Achilles tendon. During her wait period, she developed an infection. She remained in a cast for six weeks after the surgery. After the removal of the cast, she received physical therapy for six weeks.

Investigation Plan
I) Interview Mary Smith:
A) What happened the day of the accident in her own words? B) How did her previous injury occur?
C) What medical attention has she already had for the prior injury? D) What medical attention has she received after the auto...
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