Sample Consulting Project

Topics: Marketing, Joke, Laughter Pages: 8 (2204 words) Published: April 19, 2012
tWhat Is the Clients Product?
1. Humorous Promotional Products with digital links
* Explain why digital versions of the promotional products are not appealing to customers. * Give survey data and general info on shelf life and added value of physical promotional products as compared to digital ones. (digital ones have no shelf life, they live only as long as the customer views it and is usually never seen again) * Give example of new product. (photoshop it)

* Explain how they use it
* Customer Brand Name will be featured on physical product. * A joke will be displayed on promo product with link/qr code to follow to find the answer to the joke. * Link/qr code will take customer to either a purchased page on susans website (number one option) or to their own webpage. * Not only used as a retention tool with long shelf life, its an acquisition tool because new customers can see the product, follow the link to a survey page where they may have to complete a survey to get the answer to the joke, or to a coupon/sales page were revenue can be made. Sign up for newsletter to get answers to jokes. Ect. * Explain how affiggle can produce physical promotional products free of charge by simply acting as an intermediary between a promotional product company. (she will be providing added value by creating jokes, but once the jokes are made, the customer will unknowingly be buying the products direct from the manufacturer.) * Affiggle will make money by making a deal with a promotional product company in which they will make a certain amount of profit off of every item sold by the promotional product company. * Emphasize how this solves susans desire to be able to sick back and watch it happen. This leaves susan with only three jobs to do: write jokes, keep website updated, and market your business. Sales Package and Sales Angles

1. Low cost / high value promotional product
2. How laughter affects the memory of a product or service, and zigarnik effect. 3. Great use for online/digital incentives (see uses above) 4. Fully customizable with clients name and logo and custom jokes pertaining to their industry to promote their brand on products and linked webpage

Elevator Pitch
1. Explain elevator pitch and its importance
2. Add data or school info reference
3. Write elevator pitch script

Brand improvement
1. Define what makes a good brand
* Consistency
* Differentiation
* authenticity
2. research CHEAP ways to improve bran

As a startup, the first thing Affiggle must do is define exactly what product or service its selling. Affiggle’s idea of selling humor as a promotional product is set in stone, but choosing the medium to distribute the humor is currently something that needs to be established. Currently Affiggle is selling digital corny joke e-books. Unfortunately this product has been low on sales and Affiggle must find a new way to package its product. After countless discussions and hours of research, HAMMER Consulting has found the perfect product for Affiggle to sell: customizable, physical promotional products, containing humor and digital links to customizable client web pages.

Why Physical Promotional Products Must be Sold
After conducting 25 interviews with potential Affiggle customers in the Orange County area, one thing was made certain: Affiggle MUST sell physical promotional products. Completely across the board, our respondents recognized the use of humor as a promotional product, but doubted the value of a digital version of the product. They felt that digital products would be viewed once and then lost, causing their companies to lose the desired exposure they expect to get from buying promotional products. Local business owners recognize the added value of purchasing physical promotional products because of their long shelf life and their pass-around value.

The chart to the right was made from data...
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