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Case Study No.1

Major League Baseball

Prepared by:

Allan H. (Bud) Selig  
Commissioner of Baseball

Bob DuPuy  
President & Chief Operating Officer

Jimmie Lee Solomon  
Executive Vice President, Baseball Development

Tim Brosnan  
Executive Vice President, Business

Rob Manfred
  Executive Vice President, Labor Relations & Human Resources

Jonathan Mariner  
Executive Vice President, Finance

John McHale Jr.  
Executive Vice President, Administration & Chief Information Officer; Interim Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations

B.The environment

Major League Baseball today announced what is arguably the most important environmental initiative in the history of professional sports, worldwide.

I know that is a big statement, but it is true.

As part of Major League Baseball’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, MLB today announced its development of a comprehensive software system designed to collect and analyze environmental data related to stadium operations across the 30 Clubs. Moreover, this software tool will keep track of and distribute best practices related to environmental stewardship across MLB’s 30 Clubs as well. The full roll out of this path breaking program to all the Clubs will happen during this 2010 season.

This is the first time a professional sports League anywhere in the world has taken the step of implementing a software program to collect data for the purpose of documenting environmental practices and for sharing information about environmental best practices at stadiums. I am proud to say that this data gathering tool for environmental impacts was developed in collaboration with NRDC.

Initially, four categories of environmental data will be collected and calculated. Data will collected on: 1. Energy use, including total energy used, sources of energy, and use of renewable energy; 2. Waste generation, including total waste generated, materials diverted for recycling and composting, and cost of disposal; 3. Water use, including amount of water used, water conserved, and cost of water use, and; 4. Paper procurement, including the amount of recycled paper used in Club offices, in stadium restrooms and for yearbooks, game-day programs and media guides.

No League anywhere currently keeps track of environmental data related to stadium or arena operations. Major League Baseball is the first professional sports League in the world to do so.

And this might only be the beginning. Once this system is up and running, League and Club officials are considering the capture of additional data related to transportation, and food and beverage consumption.

C.The competitor

• National Basketball Association, Inc.- This league has the inside moves to score big with hoops fans. The National Basketball Association is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, with 30 teams representing 28 US markets and one in Canada. It oversees...
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