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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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The Parable of the Green Lawn
A new housing development has lots of packed earth and weeds but no grass. Two neighbors make a wager on who will be the first to have a lush lawn. Mr. Fast N. Furious knows that a lawn will not grow without grass seed, so he immediately buys the most expensive seed he can find because everyone knows that quality improves with price. Confident that he has a head start in his neighbor, who is not making much visible progress, he begins his next project. Problem

* The problem is how to grow up their plants and more lush lawn. * There is no unity
* To be able to use the excess packed earth and weeds
* To imitate the neighbor
* To organize a committee to the neighborhood
* Unity and helping together make a community progressive and beautiful Areas of consideration
* Clearing the lot
* To provide better drainage
* To apply fertilizer and a mulch cover and waters the lawn approximately
* Noon watering proves be detrimental
* Poor performance inability to properly water the lawn
* Insufficient sunlight
* Lawns require minimal maintenance
* Attend to the landscaping
* Apply fertilizer twice
* Poor soil
* Non-conforming the grass seed
Alternative source of action (ACA)
Solution| Pro’s| Con’s|
Proper cultivation of soil and removing the weeds around the lawn.| * The lawn is more uniform and is really starting to grow.| * Many grasses sprout| Water the lawn every morning and apply pesticides| * Fast growing up and make the lawn green and beautiful| * Water proves be detrimental and born much be fertilizer|

1. To develop progressive and beautiful lawn, to attend landscaping seminar or training. 2. Success is based on the combination of lawn and landscaping.

Discussion Question:
1. Within the context of the continual struggles to create a...
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