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  • Published : March 3, 2009
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What is SAM?
Software Asset Management (SAM) protects organization’s software and helps to recognize what the company has got, where it’s running, and any licensing overlap.

Benefit of SAM
Properly implementing SAM limits company legal and financial exposure should problems with company software licenses arise. Getting compliant and staying that way also helps eliminate the potential damage to company’s reputation that could arise from a lawsuit.

Step1: Perform Software Inventory
There are two ways of performing software inventory. Smaller organizations may choose a manual method while larger companies may want to use automated discovery tools

Step 2: Match Software with Licenses
It is important to understand what documents need as evidence of licensing for each type of software that a company owns.

➢ Finding License Documentation
Every unit of software comes with its own type of media and/or documentation that serves as its proof of license. There are three kinds of software license documentation: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer software comes preinstalled on new PCs), FPP (Full Packaged Product is purchase from retail stores) and Open License. Below you’ll find the specific requirements based on the type of license you’ve chosen.

➢ License Documentation Safekeeping
Be sure to store the documents in a safe place (where should be fireproof, waterproof, lockable cabinet or safe).

Step 3: Review Policies and Procedures
➢ Software Acquisition Policy
A centralized acquisition system can benefit your company in a number of ways. Too many people in charge of software use and acquisition can often result in different departments unknowingly ordering the same software titles.

➢ New Software Check-in
To ensure new software is added to the company‘s software inventory. The steps should cover - Storing original documentation
- Storing original packaging and media
- Updating software inventory report or database

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