“Salvation” Writing Topics

Topics: High school, Adolescence, Teacher Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Writing Topics
It has always been a tradition in my High School for a student in the Junior class to write a letter for all the Seniors that are graduating. During the Awarding of Diplomas ceremony, a student would be called to the stage, and read this letter, which was of course, previously approved by the school’s headmistress. All my friends were Seniors. It has been like that my whole life; I always got along better with those some years older than me. Actually all my friends had been graduating from school for the previous 5 years, and this particular group was going to leave me with practically no friends there. There was really no one else who could write this letter. They were all my friends. And there has always been some rivalry between my group and theirs, and although they did get along with some other juniors, there was really no one else who could have been appropriate for the job. Unfortunately, my letter was not approved. It did not say anything bad, but apparently, the fact that I didn’t have many friends in my own group, and the fact that I mentioned somebody’s constant cigarette smoking, made the school look bad. I wasn’t asked to edit my letter, I was simply asked not to read it at all. We all found out about this decision the day of the ceremony, and as much as I was upset about it, I didn’t really make a big deal out of this censorship, in one hand, because I understood (this was a religious school, the group graduating was one of the most problematic groups in the school’s history, and I was one of the most problematic students in their history too. So I absolutely understood and predicted some hostility from their side), and on the other hand, it’s not like I was dying to be on stage, I actually really did not want to, but was somehow pressured by my senior friends to do this, since it was a nice farewell tradition. My graduating friends were absolutely offended and outraged. They made a huge scandal, confronted the...
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