Salvation and God

Topics: Salvation, Religion, Character Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 16, 2012
1. Hughes Langston. “Salvation.” American 24-Karat Gold 3rd ed. Ed. Yvonne Collioud Sisko. NYC: John Seymour and Ted Sisko, 2009. 2. 2. Main Character: Langston is the main character he is telling his story how he was saved by god but lied about it. 3. Supporting Characters: Auntie Reed Langton’s aunt she is the supporting character for she believes that Langston was saved. 4. Setting: night in the church building.

5. Sequence: At first Langston was brought to the church for weeks and one day after the preacher had finished he held a special meeting for the children where they could be saved the god. They escorted the children to the from benches and the preacher began shouting and singing and the children walked up to the alter and were saved but not all were saved at the same time they had to feel god and see him it was an overwhelming feeling his aunt told Langston. After most of the children were save there was two left Langton and Westley they both had not seen god yet but Westley was complaining about it being so hot he just got up from the benches and walked to the alter and he was saved but not really saved and now Langston was the last one there and everyone was quiet and they shouted for him to be saved he then decided to just walk up to the alter just like Westley they would never know if he was saved so he did lied. 6. Plot: The story is about a boy named Langston who lies about being saved by god in church. The boy doesn’t know when it will happen and he waiting to be saved but nothing happens all the boys and girls are being saved but him and another boy named Westley. The boy Westley lies about being saved and walks up to the alter and then Langston does the same but little did they know that he was never saved and lied about it all and his aunt believed he was saved. 7. Conflicts: Man vs. Himself Langston struggles with his religious belief about being saved by god when all goes wrong and lies about being saved by...
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