Salsa Music

Topics: Salsa music, Willie Colón, Cuba Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Salsa! Music I can’t imagine myself living without. I grew up listening to salsa music and from a very young age I learned to love it. I remember growing up and on Saturday mornings my mother would put on her salsa CD’s as she cooked and cleaned and delegated chores to my sister and me. Salsa can be fast paced and danceable or a bit slow and more romantic. Salsa is a mix of afro-Caribbean beats or as best described a modern technique of performing Guaracha, Son Montuno and Cuban son. The name salsa came to be in the late 70’s and it’s not really clear how the name came about. When most people think salsa they automatically think Puerto Rico since most salsa singers today come from Puerto Rico. The first rhythms of what would be later called Salsa derived from Cuba in the early 1930’s. I consider myself to be very diverse in my music taste. I listen to everything from Merengue, Bachata, Hip-Hop, and R&B, Rock, Rap to Pop, Country and Reggae. Although I listened to all different types of music growing up Salsa always held a special place in my life. Salsa, like all music is telling a story that most of us can relate to. Salsa music mostly talks about love and heartache. Salsa music always seems to pick me up and brighten my day although sometimes the lyrics can be somewhat depressing. Some of the greatest salsa singers of all time are Hector Lavoe, Johnny Pacheco, Trina Medina, Willie Colon, Marc Anthony and Gilberto Santa Rosa. As much as I like to listen to salsa I love to dance it. Salsa music has a way of uplifting the spirit and of course attracting the ladies. Salsa dancing is very sensual and fun when dancing with someone that can follow your lead. In conclusion Salsa is my favorite type of music I love everything from the lyrics to the sounds of the cow bells, congas and drums playing in the background along with the trombone and trumpet.
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