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Topics: Disco, Dance music, Pop music Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: July 17, 2012
Nanette Rodriguez

HU300: Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond

Unit Four: Project


May 28, 2012

The music that I associate with childhood is salsa music, because my father was in a few salsa bands while I was growing up. Other music that I associated with my childhood was house music, break dancing music, Pop and dance music. My music choices just remind me of specific memories in my childhood. When I listened to salsa music this would be times when my father would pick me up for the weekend and he would have the music blaring in the car. He would also take me to his band practices or performances. I always felt good to watch my dad play percussion. This is what made me love salsa music. I relate break dancing music to memories with two of my uncles. They were professional break dancers and were even extras in a break dancing movie called “Breakin’”. My uncles would practice their moves in a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot on cardboard boxes. My uncles would teach my brother and I some moves. I had so much fun with them. Pop music brings me back to a memory with my Abuela (Grandmother). She used to love listening to the song “Rhythm of the Night” by El DeBarge. We would sing and dance in her living room almost everyday. I correlate dance music to Diana Ross. She was my favorite singer. Kids were mean to me when I was younger and teased me about my hair. One day I saw her performing on T.V. and I said “Hey, my hair is like hers!” I was so proud that I would pretend I was her and performed her songs for my Titi (Aunt). These choices reflect great memories for me in my childhood experiences.

The music that I associate with adolescence is vulgar house music, rap music, R&B, and some salsa. This music was a way to fit in (except for the salsa), because I would always try to get the latest music and show it off to my friends. It was always an on going battle on who was getting it first. Most of the time I had the music first,...
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