Topics: Management, Marketing, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Chapter 1
Statement of the Problem
In this case study, the problems involve both the representatives and the management. Dough is not working well with the representatives, and he is not doing everything he can to communicate with them. The representatives are not motivated to work on gaining the larger accounts because they don’t understand why they have to change from the small accounts where they have had success to the big accounts that are mysterious and not as profitable in the short term.

Summary of the Facts
There are several facts about this case study. The representatives are unhappy that they have to change from working with smaller accounts to working with larger accounts. The manager is not listening or communicating effectively with the representatives. The information given to the manager during his orientation was way too much information for one person to read on their own. The company appears to be focusing on money and numbers and is not spending enough time focusing on their employees. The representatives do not appear to have any kind of teamwork or cooperation in place. There is an “every man for himself” thought process parading through the office.

The analysis of Shield shows that there are strengths and weaknesses within the company. The strengths include a strong team of representatives with good work history and experience. The weaknesses include a lack of communication between each representative, and between the representatives and management. There are opportunities available for this company to grow with larger corporate accounts. It would widen their company’s client list. The threats to this company include a chance that their competitors will gain the business from large corporations because the representatives are not working hard enough to gain the business themselves.

The recommendations I have for this office is to greatly increase the communication between the manager and the...
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