Udecide Week 4 Salesmanship Devry University

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Chick-fil-A Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: March 16, 2013
DeVry University
Week 4 You Decide: Recruiting and Training Sales Personnel
Dashia Blue

Attn: Personnel Team
I’m excited about what the upcoming year has in store for our organization! According to the leadership team, sales continue to be the focus point on increasing revenue. The entry level sales position is vital to the growth and expansion of our consumer goods division. Based on the job description and the objectives of the company we must be strategic in our selection process. I’ve had the pleasure to meet with the six individuals being considered for the open position. In addition to the six fundamentals we use during recruitment, I have developed an evaluation model to help identify the best candidates for hire. Please consider the following when screening applicants. Salesmanship: The ideal candidate must have a proven track record of successful sales experience. Motivation: We are seeking highly motivated employees with a can do attitude and willingness to work hard to meet or exceed sales goals. Outgoing: This outside sales position require frequent visits to multiple locations. The ideal candidate must be personalable with the ability to communicate effectively. Plus the candidate must be able to sale and service various levels and employment ranging from stock personnel to presidents and CEO’s. Presence: Candidates must represent the company in a professional manner. Though our dress code is highly enforced, it’s also important that candidates be well groomed and polished. Organized: This position requires an ongoing track of product inventory for multiple accounts. To remain on accurate the representative must be detailed oriented and organized. Accountable: Competition in our industry is evident. To maintain our competitive edge our representative must be on time for appointments, be solutions oriented and able to overcome objections. Also the candidate must also be willing to take ownership of mistakes...
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