Sales Personality Test: Organizational Behavior

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Sales Pages: 6 (1749 words) Published: July 16, 2011
The blog post by Paul O’Donohue, “Ideas For Sales Personality Tests for your Business” emphasizes the importance of employee’s personality in addition to having the qualifications for the job. Especially in the case of a salesperson, it is extremely important to have the right personality since “people buy from people they like”. In other words, the success of the business is largely determined by the salesperson and their personality and the ability to attract and sell to the public. The author further states about the different personality tests that are implemented nowadays to help understand the strengths and weaknesses in individuals. The results of the tests can be used to improve and lead to more success as a sales force. Moreover, the article specifically mentions three tests and briefly describes the benefits and significance about each one of them. The first one is known as DiSC, which is an assessment of behaviour where people become aware and understand their own personalities and learn to work around them to improve. Next is the JOY Sales Ability Test which involves tests that are not subjective and are relevant for hiring, promoting or retaining people. Overall this assessment examines a person’s total sales ability and is a good measure for determining if an individual is a good salesperson. Lastly, the article mentions a well known personality assessment, “The Big Five”, which consists of Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. This Five Factor Model has been related to job performance and is thus an appropriate assessment while hiring. The article concludes with emphasizing that it is very important to have motivation and talent, along with appropriate personality fit for the job.


While stating the importance of personality regarding job performance, the author, Paul O’Donohue, has done adequate research and several of his ideas can be supported by the Organizational Behaviour textbook. First of all, according to Mr. O’Donohue, personality is the most appropriate measure of an individual’s success at the job. And as indicated in the textbook, “In the interactionist approach, organizational behaviour is a function of both dispositions (personality) and situation.” The textbook supports the usefulness of personality as a predictor of organizational behaviour and job performance. Furthermore, Mr O’Donohue mentions that in the case of a salesperson, there needs to be some specific characteristics that will make them successful at their job and refers to conscientiousness as being one of the strongest predictor of overall job performance. Similarly, the textbook highlights how conscientiousness states quite a lot about a person’s performance at the job. Towards the end, the blog post refers to how motivation is also significant along with personality and talent, which is supported by the Organizational Behaviour textbook. As indicated by the textbook, “Motivation is said to be even more important nowadays as a result of increasing global competition. According to GLBC president and CEO Robert Meggy, “Everything we do has to be by people who are well motivated. I see it in the bottom line for us.”” Therefore the Organizational Behaviour textbook supports most of the ideas mentioned in the blog post by Mr O’Donohue. In addition, an academic journal article called “Personality Traits and Sales Performance: Exploring Differential Effects of Need for Cognition and Self-monitoring” also has similar theories that support the blog post by Mr O’Donohue. In the article, “Personality Traits and Sales Performance: Exploring Differential Effects of Need for Cognition and Self-monitoring”, the author states, “In efforts to minimize the risk of hiring poor performers, practitioners are frequently turning to personality tests as a means to screen for potentially successful sales performers.” Furthermore, the journal article discusses about the Big Five...
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