Sales Consultant Paper

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Sales consultancy
A Sales consultant represents a company’s products or services in order to obtain new customers. Sales consultants at David Lloyd are responsible for informing and advising customers or potential members, about their product/service with the primary goal of generating sales.

The sales consultants at David Lloyd must interview and analyze the client accurately in order to generate successful selling of products or services. This means that as a sales consultant to need to have the ability to adjust the product/service of David Lloyd to fit the customers exact needs, desires and expectations, with the aim to sell.

David Lloyds primary aim is to attract and sustain as many members possible. Meaning that as an organization they must contact potential members (leads) which are contacted via; • Online enquiries (information enquiries via; David Lloyd website or Facebook.) • Incoming calls(leads that contact the club by themselves) • Walk-in’s(hot prospects that are interested in a tour)

These so called leads come in two forms:
• Cold leads(leads that sales consultants have not contacted yet) • Hot leads(cold leads that are contacted by a sales consultant)

Another type of potential members are called “prospects” these prospects are “hot leads” that visit the club for a tour, information and a price presentation in person. A lead becomes a prospect the moment they visit the club and receive information concerning David Lloyd.

There are two types of prospects:
• Cold prospects(prospects that are spoken to but not yet toured) • Hot prospects(prospects that are toured by a sales consultant)
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