Sales and Marketing Software in India - Synopsis

Topics: Marketing, Computer program, Marketing strategy Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: March 11, 2013
1.Title of the study
“Marketing and Selling Software in India.”

2.Introduction to the Study

Today many varieties of business software are available and used the by companies, each fulfilling different work. Each and every organization no matter how large or small they using the software for the development and improving productivity in the organization. The Indian software industry has been remarkable success story. It has grown more than 30 percent annually for 20 years, 2008 exports projected at close to $60 billion. India exports software services to more than 60 countries. The technology sales process is longer and more complex than the process for selling products and services to consumers. Buying technology involves high levels of risk, so the decisions take longer and more people are involved. Just buying the Software itself is not sufficient. Customers need help in planning, installation, training users and supporting the technology through its planned life. The people who sell technology must therefore be able to communicate and build lasting relationships at many different levels.

3.Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the marketing strategies being used by Software Companies to develop and improve their selling methods and understand the current scenario of the software marketing industry. Compare the Indian and foreign market of the Software and understand the Indian market also.


Understanding customer demand
How to sell the software products with company.
Marketing channels
Advertising media
Importance of software in a company.
Agency role in marketing software.
Understand the Indian market
Product knowledge.

5.Project Scope:
Other than India, the study would concentrate on the software market abroad. The project will analyze the changing technology in India and abroad. At the end, suggestion would be given to develop...
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