Sales and Marketing Hell Pizza Report

Topics: Marketing, New Zealand, Pricing Pages: 21 (6752 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction(Mila)3
2.0 Overview (Mila)5
3.0 Marketing strategy (Mila)6
4.0 Environmental scan. (Tina)7
4.1 Demographic7
4.2 Economic Factors7
4.3 Global Environment8
4.4 Natural8
4.5 Technological Factors9
4.6 Political Environment:10
4.7 Sociocultural Environment10
4.7.1 Social responsibilities10
4.7.2 Demographical shift11
4.7.3 Shift in public conception11
4.7.4 Social Events11
5.0 Competitive analysis. (Tina)12
5.1 Competitors12
5.2 Points of Difference12
5.3 Position in the Market13
5.4 Future competitors13
6.0 Market segmentation, target marketing and positioning (Mila)14 6.1 Geographic segmentation14
6.2 Demographic segmentation15
6.3 Behavioural segmentation20
6.8 Positioning Map: (Tina)21
7.0 Product Strategy (Mila)23
8.0 Price Strategy (Mila)25
10.1 Mass communicated advertising in common with targeted communication28 10.2 In-store communication29
11.0 Website evaluation31
11.1 Technical aspect31
11.2 User friendliness31
11.2.1 Ease of navigation31
11.2.2 Ease of contact31
11.3 Site attractiveness32
11.4 Marketing effectiveness32
11.5 Legal compliances32

1.0 Introduction(Mila)

This report has been compiled to gain an understanding of marketing strategy of Hell Pizza chain operator based in New Zealand. The company operates through 65 outlets in New Zealand and franchised in Britain, Canada, India, Korea and Australia (Restaurant and Food Services Industry in New Zealand, 2012). In this report only New Zealand’s marketplace will be reviewed and contains the analysis of Hell Pizza’s most successful marketing practices.

Eight research objectives have also been reviewed:

• environmental scan
• competitive analysis
• market segmentation
• targeting and positioning
• product strategy
• pricing strategy
• distribution strategy
• communication strategy
• website evaluation

Mainly secondary research data has been used to compile this report and personal communication as a primary research data has been marginally used to justify some statements. Method for secondary research:

- Statistics New Zealand is operated by the government and is a New Zealand national statistical office. - Roy Morgan Research is an international market research company. In this report data is used identify profile of adult consumers and percentage of the adult population (14 years and over) who visited Hell Pizza, Pizza Hutt and Dominos in the last 4 weeks for market segmentation and competitive analyses.

2.0 Overview (Mila)

Hell Pizza is a pizza chain operator based in New Zealand and headquartered in Wellington. It was first established in 1996 at the Kelburn squash club and serving university students, and until now Wellington remains the strongest territory of Hell in New Zealand. Current menu items offered include standard pizzas, gourmet pizzas, desert pizzas, pastas, salads, sides, dips, and beverages (Restaurant and Food Services Industry in New Zealand, 2012). Hell Pizza provides dine in, pickup and delivery service options. The company was sold to Tasman Pacific Foods in 2006, and then bought back in 2009 by directors Stu McMullin, Callum Davies and Warren Powell; two years later Warren Powell sold his shares claiming that sales are plummeting (Rogers, 2012; Hurley, 2011). Today Hell has franchise outlets in countries such as Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and a total 65 shops in New Zealand (Restaurant and Food Services Industry in New Zealand, 2012). The Company takes 50,000 to 60,000 orders a month. Out of total orders 40 to 50 per cent of its New Zealand business is delivery orders; the busiest store is Hell Pizza on Cuba Street in Wellington (Rogers, 2012)....
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