Salary Cap

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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As economists like to point out, if you want less of something, you should put a tax on it and player salaries are no exception. Teams of different sport like basketball, baseball, soccer and football spend a lot of money on their players which is ridiculous not just for the fact that they paying that amount of money but the fact that millions of money which can be minimize are being paid to a player that if he decide not to play, no one will harm player, which brings me to saying that reduce the ability of the richest teams to bid up the price of players and, salaries are sure to fall and mandatory would be on salary cap towards what professional athletes make. Athlete are paid large amount of money, from my own view sound unreasonable. Come to think of it, sports like baseball, basket, football and soccer spend a lot of money on hiring of their players for example the “New York Yankees outspend all other baseball teams in terms of payroll. Alex Rodriguez to say, the Yankees’ third baseman, is the highest paid player in the history of baseball, earning $33 million for the 2009 season. Notably, the $33 million is only a base salary, and does not take into account any performance-based bonuses Rodriguez may receive for achieving certain offensive statistics or milestones during the season, or rewarding him for making the All-Star team”.

These players are that getting millions just for them to sit on bench and might not even play a game if they feel like or they are or injury, bad investment I call that because teams are supposed to impose salary cap so as not only to minimize their but to save more on the team income. “In contrast, the payroll for the entire Florida Marlins team for 2009 is about $37 million only $4 million higher than Rodriguez’ salary alone. In the 2009 offseason, the Yankees signed Mark Teixeira to a multi-year deal, making him the highest paid first baseman in baseball, with a salary of $20.6 million for 2009. In terms of spending, the...
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