Safguarding Essay Level 2 Literacy

Topics: Abuse, Human rights, Psychological abuse Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Christina Eggleton


The Government White Paper Valuing People (2001) has four key principles; choice, independence, rights and inclusion. Each of these principles emphasised the importance of working in partnership with people with learning disabilities.

Unfortunately abuse still goes on as we have seen in recent cases. For example, the Winterbourne View case in Bristol.

There is no single strategy that will prevent abuse from happening, but there are a combination of strategies that will make abuse less likely and expose abuse at the earliest stages.

Everyone involved in an individual’s life has a responsibility and duty of care to report any signs of abuse including friends, relatives, support staff and outside agencies to uphold their human rights.

It is the care agencies duty to carry out a criminal records bureau (CRB) and to safeguard check the staff they employ, and to train all staff in safeguarding to enable them to spot the signs of abuse and report appropriately.

The different types of abuse include;

Physical – hitting, slapping, pushing, being restrained, misuse of medication.

Emotional – threats, intimidation, controlling, taking away privacy and /or threatening to abandon.

Sexual – includes rape and other acts to which you have not given consent.

Financial – theft, fraud, misuse of property, possessions or benefits, withholding what belongs to you.

Neglect – withholding food, drink, adequate heating and/or clothing; failing to provide access to health or social care services, education or social activities.

Discriminatory – being treated unfairly because of your gender, race, culture, background, age, disability, sexuality or illness.

Institutional – repeated incidents of poor care or practice that are continually not dealt with.

Signs to watch out for that may be suspected abuse are; multiple bruising or finger marks, injuries that cannot be easily explained, deterioration of health for no...
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