Identify Two Reports on Serious Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: June 6, 2013

IDENTIFY TWO REPORTS ON SERIOUS FAILURES TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS FROM ABUSE. Abuse can happen anywhere anytime, but especially to vulnerable people, ie Children, elderly people, people with disabilities, people with learning difficulties. It can even happen in places people should be safe, ie hospitals, residential/ nursing homes, schools, daycare/ nurseries, centres etc. I researched two cases reported for abuse. The Winterbourne case which was nationally reported, and a local abuse case of Orme house in Lowestoft. The Winterbourne case was more physical and emotional abuse and the Orme house case was more neglect and poor living conditions. The Winterbourne case was reported nationally because it was such a disgusting mistreatment of vulnerable people, 11 members of staff were caught on cctv after visitors and patients complained about mistreatments. The evidence that was captured showed physical abuse such as, slapping, poking eyes, pulling hair, even as unbelievable as trapping them under chairs, and soaking residents in freezing cold water. It also showed emotional and verbal abuse in the form of name calling. This was an inhumane and diabolic mistreatment of vulnerable individuals unable to defend themselves. Winterbourne appears to have made dicisions based on profits and returns, over and above dicisions about the effective and humane delivery of assessments and treatments. Where were the staff who should have been reporting these crimes to management , if management was not listening then they should have been reported to the authorities and organisations, such as social services and cqc that is what they are there for. The staff who didn`t abuse patients but didn`t report the incidents are just as abusive and responsible , as they were employed to help with patients welfcare, in turning a...
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