Safety Procedures for Women

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Safety Procedures for Women Travelling Alone on an Elaborate Vacation Aleena Allen
Strayer University

The purpose of this research paper is to allow women to feel safe when travelling on an elaborate vacation. The importance of this topic is to make sure women are not afraid to travel and not afraid to travel alone. Travelling is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, expensive and worthwhile experiences anyone can experience. Therefore don’t let the dangers of travelling keep anyone from travelling.

A lot of statistics about being careful is never allowing a person that is stranger to come to close and enter a person’s personal space. A woman should always travel with a group at night and definitely be ready to give up some freedoms that woman have back home. Unfortunately, it is true that women are much more likely than men to be the victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Women are a bigger target for predators then men. With all the dangers out in the world of travelling women should strongly think and study the safety issues before leaving home and to take the necessary steps to increase the safety of travelling alone. Travelling helps build tolerance and communication skills. Tolerance is learning how customs in other countries or states can lead a person to be more tolerant towards other ethnic groups and cultures. Travelling builds up communication skills by learning on how and whom to talk about certain information when it comes to asking questions or directions.

These are just a few tips when it comes to travelling to have to be safe on vacation. No matter where a person travels for vacation there is always danger that waits at every corner. Also, no matter what there is always danger, regardless if its robbery, assault or even an accident that could occur on vacation. Taking the incentive in being safe is a few ways to keep out of harm’s way and possible predators.

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