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EUROCOntROl / FAA ACtIOn plAn 15 sAFEty

Safety Culture in Air Traffic Management A White Paper December 2008

Safety Culture in air traffiC ManageMent a White Paper



The EUROCONTROL / FAA Action Plan 15 on Safety Research is aimed at advancing Safety concepts and practices in Air Traffic Management, via the sharing of expertise from its membership. It has three main axes: understanding system safety, developing new approaches to assess and improve safety, and disseminating its results into the industry. AP15 came into existence in 2003 and its current terms of reference run until 2010. Safety Culture is one of its principal activities in the 2007-2010 timeframe.

AP 15 Terms of Reference
Understand safety & Hazards

Improve Safety in ATM

Develop/Adapt Safety Methods Raise Awareness of Methods

AP15 works at the frontier of Safety, exploring new safety concepts and translating them into useful tools

AP15 Membership
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EUROCONTROL - Barry Kirwan [Co-chair], Eric Perrin, Herman Nijhuis FAA - Joan Devine [Co-chair], Jim Daum, Dino Piccione, Steve French, Alfredo Colon NATS (UK) – David Bush DFS (Germany) – Joerg Leonhardt & Joachim Vogt ENAV (Italy) – Alessandro Boschiero DSNA (France) – Sebastien Barjou NLR (the Netherlands) – Henk Blom AVINOR (Norway) – Anne Chavez LFV (Sweden) – Billy Josefsson

For further information: Additional thanks to Marinella Leone, Tony Licu, Eve Grace-Kelly, Kathryn Mearns, Chris Johnson, Nigel Makins, Anna Wennerberg, Amel Sedaoui, Jean Paries, Rachael Gordon and Richard Kennedy.




This White Paper is built on the collaboration between EUROCONTROL, the FAA, and a number of ANSPs with a common area of interest, namely Safety Culture. Safety Culture is the way safety is perceived, valued and prioritised in an organisation. It reflects the real commitment to safety at all levels in the organisation. Safety Culture is not something you ‘get’ or buy, it is something an organisation has. Safety Culture can therefore be positive, negative or neutral. Its essence is in what people believe concerning the importance of safety, including what they think their peers, superiors and leaders really believe about safety’s priority. Although this may sound ‘fuzzy’, it can have a direct impact on safe performance. If someone believes that safety is not really important, or can be sacrificed temporarily, then workarounds, cutting corners, or making unsafe decisions or judgements will be the result. This White Paper has four objectives: 1. Understand the concept of Safety Culture, where it has come from, its relevance to ATM, and its interaction with Safety Management Systems (SMS). 2. See how Safety Culture can be measured and addressed, to understand the typical measurement process, and the implications for an ANSP’s resources, and what a Safety Culture Survey can deliver. 3. To understand the basics of improving Safety Culture: although this is perhaps the least advanced aspect at this stage, a range of approaches is emerging. 4. Know the ATM Safety Culture goals of the FAA and EUROCONTROL. The White paper therefore addresses a number of questions: 1. Understanding Safety Culture n n n n n

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What does Safety Culture mean? Where does it come from? Why is it so important? What are its key elements? What do positive/negative Safety Cultures look like? How are Safety Culture and SMS related? What is Safety Culture Maturity?

2. Measuring Safety Culture
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How is it measured? What does a typical assessment entail? What type of results does it deliver? Does the Safety Culture approach have ‘validity’?

3. Improving Safety Culture
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How do you improve Safety Culture? Leadership at CEO level Safety leadership Safety education Safety...
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