Safety and Welfare Reviews

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Pedalina and Gamboa (1987) made a study on the effectiveness of the safety and welfare measures in BHEL in the analysis the author traces that, providing proper safety and welfare measures to the employees will increase the efficiency in their working environment and also helps in betterment of the organizations in terms of profit gaining and increase in productivity.

Ritiesh (1995) analyzed the safety and welfare measures in a large manufacturing plant in India form the leading college in Coimbatore city. The organization provides various safety and welfare measures to the employees. The study was conducted to identify the satisfaction level of the employees were not fully satisfied with the facilities provided.

Singh and Singh (1998) conducted a study on the satisfaction of the employees towards the safety and welfare measures in correlation with absenteeism of the employees and they conducted that there is a less frequency of absenteeism with the employees who feel satisfied with the facilities provided and vice versa.

Pratik (2001) conducted a survey on the expectations of the employees towards the welfare facilities provided to them with reference to PKM constructions. From the research it is defined that the welfare facilities provided has a high impact on the productivity of the organization.

University of Nebraska Medical Center (2002) The survey was made on the employees satisfaction towards the safety and welfare measures and it was made as a comparison between the minority and minority, male and female, managerial professionals, office service employees service employees and the other respondents and the data was collected and as a result the focus group, mentoring should have to be developed a lot and the management communication also to be improved to identify the employees perception and satisfaction towards the facilities provided.

R.K. Ravichandran (2005) conducted a study...
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