Topics: Chemotherapy, Cancer, DNA Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Chemotherapy or anticancer medication is a medication use to treat cancer. Our bodies are made of million normal, and healthy cell. When mistakes happen to genetic material of a cell, become cancer cells. Cancer cells keep dividing and growing without control. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells by stopping them from growing, multiply or spreading to other parts of the body. Different types of Chemotherapy damage cancer cells in different point of cell cycle. Some Chemotherapy attack the cell`s genetic material (DNA or RNA) to stop growth, others may cause the cells to die. When Chemotherapy effect body health cells also become damage and cause side effect. Usually the damage is temporary because healthy cells will repair themselves. Doctor choose Chemotherapy best on:

* What kind cancer you have
* Where the cancer is found in your body
* Your overall health
How Chemotherapy Works
* Shrink the tumour before surgery
* Slow the growth of the cancer when a cure is not possible * To get rid of the cancer completely
* Die any cancer cells left in the body after tumour has been removed surgically

Chemotherapy Side Effect:
It is difficult to predict exactly what side you will experience while taken chemotherapy. Different people react in different way. Common side effects of chemotherapy are listed below: *
* Bleed Problems
* Hair loss
* infection
* Memory change
* Mouth and Throat change
* Nerves change
* Sexual change
* Pain

How Chemotherapy Given:
Chemotherapy treatment may use as a single drug or combination of drugs that patient can receive in different way. * Injection: This type of treatment can given as a shot under the skin, muscle, and vein. * IV: Chemo drugs are dripped into a tube that is attached to a needle and put into a vein. * Oral: Chemo drugs are taken by mouth as a pill or liquid * Topical: A cream containing the chemo drug that is rubbed...
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