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albert rando
7 December 2012
A Rutgers education would help me achieve my dream. As a Sociology major all I want to do is help people in need, and I think that Rutgers University is the perfect place to accomplish my goals. Rutgers is the college that I always dreamed of going to. Growing up in New Jersey all I would hear is positive things from the people around me, and I made a resolution to myself that I would do whatever it took to get accepted. Bergen Community College provided me with tools needed for entering a four year college. I know what it takes to get good grades, and right now I am prepared to take the next step in my education. Having a degree from Rutgers to me would mean hard work and dedication. It would provide me structure to enter the real world. I will apply all the lessons that I will learn from going to Rutgers University and put it into my everyday life.

Being a Sociology major, I want to help the people that are down. I want to put my knowledge in human behaviors and provide people with good feelings. Ever since I was a child I knew what I wanted to do. I would see kids get bullied and right away I thought in my head that I have to help these kids. No child should feel hurt and I want to do whatever it takes to help everybody in need. Rutgers is the perfect opportunity for me to further my education so that I can help people in need. I am much more mature as I went to Bergen Community for a year and a half, and know what it takes to apply myself. I know that college is not something to joke around with, and I take studying and doing my homework very seriously. Rutgers would be the perfect institution for me to further my education so that I can become a Sociologist and help people in need all over the world.
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