Why I Chose Jcsu

Topics: Historically black colleges and universities, College, African American Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Why did you choose to attend a Historically Black College or University? The reason I chose to attend a historically black college/university is simply because of the reputation historically black colleges and universities hold of being one big family. At other state or non HBCU schools you may find that students feel like they are just a number. I know people who generally love their non HBCU schools because of the various job opportunities, networking, etc. that they are exposed to while being there; but they complain about not having relationships with their professors and not feeling apart of the school as a person. At an HBCU you walk in knowing that you are moving into a home away from home. You know those kinds of neighborhoods you see on TV where the neighbors randomly bring you cakes and pies on move in day? That’s how I felt my freshman year moving to Johnson C. Smith University. I graduated high school searching for a sense of belonging and I knew I could get that at an HBCU. The personal concern we have for one another to succeed is a beautiful thing that you may not find any other place but at a historically black college. At HBCUs students seem to receive more support. I get help not only from my colleagues but also from my advisors, mentors, and professors. That’s all I really wanted. I had and still have the will to succeed and do what it takes to graduate and be successful but I needed that push. I needed to attend a school where people cared if I was there and cared when I wasn’t. I didn’t want to waste four years of my life feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone. With me it wasn’t so much about the big parties and homecoming events the school could offer but simply whether or not I’d have people around me who were just as economically challenged, just as negatively judged by society, but also just as driven to succeed as I was; people who were willing to help me along the way.
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