Russia Marketing Plan

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Target Market
Tesla Motors have a very specific target market for the Tesla Roadster that we are looking to cater too. We are looking to reach out to the high end consumers of luxury products in Russia. Russia has a large market and extremely high demand for luxury goods which suits the target market of the Tesla Roadster perfectly. We are looking to reach out to the group of consumers that have a large amount of disposable income while trying to be “earth-friendly” and also currently own multiple vehicles. Since the Roadster is a battery operated sports car, we are looking for our customers to want to do their part in keeping the environment clean and leaving a green footprint behind. Russia’s climate presents problems with the Tesla Roadster. Cold temperatures and snow for long parts of the year prevent drivers from using their Roadster as a daily driver. Ideal buyers have multiple cars at home, but are open to the idea of getting another. They would be comfortable driving it only a few times a year. we are looking to reach out to a older demographic of extremely high income white males in Russia. The average income of the target market would be over $800,000 a year. The age demographic would generally be older white males between the ages of 40 and 60 with a high level of education. Customers who want to have the looks and acceleration of a sports car coupled with environment friendliness should be targeted. Positioning Statement

For affluent drivers who seek luxury battery operated vehicles of the highest quality and reliability, Tesla constantly pursues the finest materials, the best electric technologies and the ultimate in quality control to ensure the perfect high end electric sports car experience in the Roadster. This is a fitting positioning statement for Tesla motors because it points out our points of difference. It talks about how the Roadster is a battery operated electric vehicle as well as being a high end luxury vehicle. It shows potential buyers that we are always striving for higher quality, newer technologies and pride ourselves on our reliability and quality control. It also points out who we are trying to reach with the Roadster by mentioning it is for affluent drivers looking for the best of both worlds with getting an electric vehicle and still having the comfort of a high end luxury vehicle when they buy the Tesla Roadster. Entry mode 

 For our entry mode into Russia, we feel the best method would be direct exporting. Direct exporting works best when a fewer number of items are being imported. We only plan on selling a limited number a year in the Russian market place so we don't plan on exporting large amounts of the Roadster from California to Russia. This method leads to more sales in the market compared to other options and will be easiest for us because we will have a short distribution channel length. It also allows for us to have better protection over our copy rights. We will have Sales representatives represent our manufacturer in their local market for an established commission on sales. As the Mother company, we would need our local sales representative to help us out and provide their services to us. They can teach us things like the local customs and practices in Russia that aren’t well known and what legal requirements we would have to comply with. They can also help us with local advertising. As opposed to indirect, direct exporting and sales representatives require larger monetary requirements. Although the start up costs are higher as well as the risks, the reward will be greater. It also leads to having a greater time to get the product to the market. Marketing Strategies

Product Line/Mix
Currently, Tesla offers only a few number of models in the USA and in Europe. They offer the Tesla Roadster, the Model S and the Model X. It seems the best strategy for Russia when we first enter the market is to test out the market and demographics by limiting the initial offerings in...
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